Common Issues With Automated Shrink Wrap Machines

Choosing a top-quality Automated wrapping machine ensures the smooth, seamless and trouble free operation of the equipment throughout the packing process. This is essential for smaller businesses or for larger companies as any slowdown, particularly in packaging, is going to have a negative impact on all production, shipping of orders and on-time deliveries.

These are machines with several different moving parts and components, so any brand, type or design will require some minimal maintenance. In most cases when there are problems with shrink wrap machines it is often a result of a poor maintenance schedule that allows debris and dirt to build up in the system. This will cause the moving parts to catch or to fail to move correctly, resulting in problems with the shrink wrap process.

Incorrect Sealing

Sealing the individual bags with shrink wrap machines is accomplished by heat and pressure. Different plastics used for shrink wrap may have different time and heating requirements. Verifying the correct shrink wrap is used for the settings used will be important to correct seals. Changing the settings according to the thickness and type of film used will be critical for effective operation.

Melted Areas

Heat is important in shrink wrap machines, but it has to be correctly maintained. When the system is running too hot, particularly in the heat tunnel, the plastic film can melt and thin or even create holes in specific areas of the packaging.

Again, this is often a mistake that is a result of incorrect settings on the equipment for the plastic. Reducing the heat setting should be all that is needed to prevent this issue.

Melted plastic balls or burrs along the edge of the cut shrink wrap will not cause a seal problem, but it impacts the aesthetics of the packaging. This is usually resolved by cleaning the cutting element wire or by replacing this component.

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