When to Call an Arborist in Westport, Connecticut About Termites in Trees

Termites should never be ignored. They can not only destroy your trees, but also your fences, outbuildings and home. There are many different types of termites, but the most destructive is the subterranean termite, or termites that live underground. If you suspect your trees have termites, contact an Arboriste in Westport, Connecticut at once.

Mud Tubes

Are there strange brown streaks on your tree? These trails cover the original bark. Pick at these streaks with a stick. If the streaks are still moist, you may even see termites inside of them. Even streaks that crumble into dust are a bad sign. These streaks are mud tubes. Since subterranean termites can die from drying out in the sun, they construct a tunnel made of mud in order to safely walk on the surface of your tree.

Winged Breeders

One day you wake up and your tree is covered in winged insects. These have pale bodies and are tube-shaped. These are winged alleles or winged breeders. Queens and drones emerge from termite colonies in their hundreds to breed and then fly off to start new colonies. The presence of winged breeders is a huge sign that your tree is infested with termites. Winged breeders do not fly very well, so any tree they cover is the tree that they emerged from.

Can the Tree Be Saved?

It’s a common misconception that any tree with termites needs to be removed. In some cases, it is possible for a skilled tree surgeon to save the tree. First have a professional pest management service company like Northeast Horticultural Services get rid of the termites, then have the tree surgeons come in to repair the tree and prune away dead wood. Some arborists are licensed to treat trees with termiticides, or pesticides specifically for killing termites.

Stump Removal

Do you have tree stumps on your property? These stumps are large mounds of dead wood, making them very attractive to any termite scouts.

Scouts go out to find new food sources. Tree stumps also have roots underground that are rotting and can attract termites. Consider getting your tree stumps removed to deter termites and other insect pests.

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