Addiction Affects Everyone Who is Close

The specific impact that substance and alcohol abuse has on a family can be as unique as the family structure and the individual who is struggling with it. The fact is, when a person struggles with any type of addiction, even when they seek the care of an Altadena Rehab Center, there are adverse effects to the family.

Other Factors of Addiction

If one parent is abusing alcohol, the other parent may become an enabler or develop a codependent personality. However, it may also be possible for the non-using parent to become disengaged from their spouse or loved one. There are a number of reasons for this, including being busy at work, diverting themselves from the situation or having an affair. There may also be a sense of denial, which can delay the entire healing process and put the children in a vulnerable position, since they will not have the support they need as they develop and grow.

Proper Support

When the non-abusing partner is engaged, and encourages the using partner to seek the services of an Altadena Rehab Center, healing will occur much more quickly. If the person using resists this help, then it can cause significant stress for the entire family unit.

Children Get Lost in the Mix

The consequences of both parental figures abusing drugs/alcohol can be devastating for children. In these situations, the children will not be able to turn to either of their parents for parenting and emotional support. This may result in the children becoming extremely introverted, never learning to rely on anyone but themselves. If the child is not able to find support from others such as clergy, teachers, or friends, they may begin to abuse substances themselves. They may also begin to engage in other types of illegal activities such as vandalism or shoplifting.

If the child is extroverted, then they can act out in aggressive ways due to both parents abusing. Regardless of the personality type of the child, the parents need to seek the care and help of an Altadena Rehab Center to become a better role model and caretaker for their children.

Failure to take the proper action and finding appropriate care can lead to irreversible consequences for the children. This can result in them being much more likely to suffering from an addiction themselves. However, this can be avoided when care and treatment is sought. When it comes to addiction, this is crucial to ensuring that everyone is properly cared about.

An Altadena Rehab Center can help entire families live the life they deserve. Contact A.S.A.P. today!

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