Telltale Signs of Methamphetamine Use

Even thought, methamphetamine, commonly referred to as just ‘meth’ is not the number one abused drug, it is considered to be one of the most addictive. If a person is addicted to meth, it is essential that family and friends take action to help them get help from a Los Angeles addiction treatment center. However, before they are able to get help someone has to recognize that an issue is present. Some of the most obvious signs of a meth issue or addiction are found here.

Skin Picking

Those who use meth regularly will likely be seen picking at their skin often. This can lead to wounds and sores, primarily on the face. This can often look like a bad case of acne and often leave the body and face of the addict covered in open sores.

Skin Crawling

If you are in contact with a meth addict, you will also likely notice that they often complain that their skin is crawling. This is referred to formication and a telltale sign of meth use.

Tooth Decay

When meth is used for long periods of time, the user will likely begin to experience serious tooth decay. If the use continues, then it can lead to a condition that is often referred to as ‘meth mouth.’

Loss of Hair

When an addict does meth, they will not have many nutrients in their body and constantly be injecting toxic and dangerous chemicals every time they use the drug. This means that their hair will likely break easily and may look dull.

Weight Loss

The chemicals that are in meth can cause issues with weight loss when it is first used. In many cases, this results in a person not having much of an appetite. However, in most cases, this weight loss will stop after the person has been actively using the drug for several weeks.

Eye Twitching

This is a natural type of side effect to the meth drug that will be noticeable to others. In some cases, the twitching will occur over and over again. The signs of eye twitching will not subside until the person is completely off of the drug in most cases.

If you have a friend or family member who suffers from meth addiction, calling for help from a Los Angeles addiction treatment center is essential. This will help them regain control of their life.

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