An Arborist in Weston CT Helps Property Owners Prevent Tree-Related Damage From Storms

Connecticut isn’t in tornado alley, but the state still can experience seven or eight tornadoes a year. It also isn’t in the hurricane zone, but hurricanes and tropical storms can have effects in this region as the weakened weather systems move north. Thunderstorms also sometimes bring strong and dangerous wind gusts. An Arborist in Weston CT can help property owners prevent damage from strong winds by trimming large branches and felling trees that are at significant risk of being blown over during storms.

Observing Branch Movement

Homeowners are advised to watch the way their tree branches move during mild to moderate wind activity. Branches at the top that have unusually noticeable movement can be pruned back so that the tree is more resistant to wind. An Arborist in Weston CT also checks for branches that are weak, damaged or dying off and removes those too. These typically are the parts of the tree most prone to breaking off during storms.

Essential Trimming

Branches that are encroaching on power lines and hanging over the home’s roof should be trimmed back. Once the branch reaches an electrical line, tree service technicians typically will not do any trim work because of the hazards involved. The utility service must be contacted. If a large branch takes down an electrical line, the power goes out, and a dangerous situation develops on the ground.

Adding More Trees

One tree standing all by itself is more at risk of wind damage than trees in a group. An organization such as Northeast Horticultural Services can plant juvenile trees for customers who would like to add more to their landscaping. It’s best to choose trees that are native to the region since those are naturally more resistant to local weather events.

Additional Advantages

The advantages gained are not only for protection against windstorms but also help trees withstand heavy snowfall that can cause branches to break. Pruning branches away from the roof prevents large amounts of organic debris from routinely falling on the shingles, which traps moisture and leads to deterioration. Homeowners who want to get started preventing potential serious problems may Visit the website at the earliest convenience.

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