Parking Lot Pavement Turning Gray? Call a Sealcoating Contractor on the Bel Air, MD

For many business owners maintaining their buildings and parking lots are a major expenditure. However, an attractive building and well-tended landscape makes a good impression on new customers or clients. They signal existing customers that the business is successful and trustworthy. Well-maintained facilities and walkways prevent accidents, which prevent expensive lawsuits. Once a parking area has been paved, it’s important to hire a Sealcoating Bel Air, MD company to protect that investment.

Asphalt Seal Coating will double the life of a parking lot. It will also help prevent cracks and holes. The last thing any property owner wants is a bicyclist catching a wheel on a small pothole in their parking lot and having an accident. The same can be said for a woman walking in heels. Seal coating establishes a tough layer between the pavement and elements that weaken it. People might assume that it’s the weight of the cars and trucks that wear out pavement. It’s actually sunlight and rain that cause most of the problems.

When people look at a paved parking lot and notice that it’s turning gray, they are seeing it oxidize. In essence they’re watching the parking lot rust. That’s a sign that it’s aging, wearing out and becoming brittle. Brittle pavement will crack and that’s when pieces separate. If the property owner calls a Sealcoating Bel Air, MD company at the first sign of oxidation, it may not be too late to save the pavement. Not only does the sealcoating protect the pavement, it gives it a fresh and richer color.

Goode Paving & Sealcoating Inc. contractor may even add some sand to the sealcoating layer. That makes it stronger surface. It also makes the surface more skid-resistant. In areas that are prone to heavy rain storms that can be an important feature. A smart property owner has their parking lot pavement inspected each year. The contractor can note any small cracks and immediately seal them. This prevents water from seeping into cracks and weakening the pavement in its lower layers. Small maintenance projects conducted each year will prevent many large problems. The parking lot will always look fresh and attractive.

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