Appealing What You Owe to the State or Federal Government in Court

When you owe the state or federal government money, you feel that you have no right to argue about your balance. You believe that the government tax authority will always be right and that you will not have a voice in the case.

However, both state and federal law allows you to appeal what you owe and have your case heard in court if necessary. By hiring a lawyer who specializes in tax litigation in Los Angeles, CA plaintiffs, you can present evidence to a judge and show that your tax balance is much less than what the tax authorities say that you owe.

Proving Your Case in Court

When you hire an attorney who practices in tax litigation in Los Angeles, CA, you can take necessary evidence to your court hearing or trial. Your lawyer can tell you what records you need to gather and present to the judge or mediator hearing your case. These documents can include past tax returns, income statements, and bank records.

Once you show all the proof to the presiding authority, you can make your case that you either paid all your owed taxes or that the amount that you owe is much less. You could walk away from the court proceedings with a minimal or nonexistent tax bill.

Settling Your Case

The IRS many times is willing to settle your tax bill for less than what you owe. It would prefer to stay out of court for tax bills that are less than $50,000. It could offer you a settlement that allows you to pay a fraction of what you owe or make smaller payments than what is listed on your tax bill.

Your attorney can negotiate the best settlement of your debt. He or she can also help you avoid tax penalties.

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