Five Key Benefits of Outsourcing Your Customer Service Functions

Almost all of our work is in the Philippines so I don’t want to focus on call center companies migrating back to the US or mention that it’s easier to understand US agents. Also, we don’t like to focus on the cost benefits purely of a lower salary. You save on office space, recruiting costs, benefits, technology infrastructure. Finally, we don’t charge a weekly or monthly fee, and we also don’t do inside sales or market research

Always Available

Like most small firms, you can only answer calls during regular business hours. However, customer support outsourcing companies can extend your coverage time to 24 hours. This enables you to service customers in different time zones and even those who live overseas.

Less Expensive Than Hiring

Using a customer service firm is significantly less expensive than hiring a dozen or more customer service agents. That’s because the average customer service representative makes $35,605 annually in the United States, according to ZipRecruiter. You’d also have to pay health and retirement benefits for these workers. By comparison, you’d pay a customer service agency a weekly or monthly fee for its services.

Decrease Call Abandonment

Despite the pretty music, most people don’t like to wait long periods to get serviced. After a certain period, they simply hang up. Customer support outsourcing companies can decrease call abandonment because they’re more efficient in answering calls.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Whenever you can answer people’s questions or solve their problems, you can increase customer satisfaction. This is usually the primary objective of most customer support agencies, besides increasing sales. It gets them high ratings and repeat business.

Additional Services

Top customer support outsourcing companies will provide other services you need, including back office support, inside sales and even market research. This lets you use one supplier for all your call center needs.

When you outsource your customer service activities, you’ll increase productivity of your own workforce. That’s because you won’t have to pull clerical workers from key jobs to answer incoming calls.

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