Avoid Septic Back-flows With Drain Field Repair in Eustis FL

The drain field or leach field in a septic system is one of its most crucial features. The purpose of this field is to percolate the liquid waste or effluent through the soil. This process removes contaminates and cleans the water before it reaches the local water table. However, this simple system can be damaged in several ways and force the need for Drain Field Repair in Eustis FL. For instance, the pipes used in many leach fields can get crushed if someone drives a vehicle or tractor over them.

One problem that develops in the drain fields is root growth. People tend to forget where the lines have been placed and plant trees and shrubs near them. Leach lines provide a rich nutrient that can make plants thrive and this allows the roots to spread extensively. Unfortunately, quick growth tends to cause roots that search for more moisture and they can grow inside the holes that lets the effluent leach out. Roots can quickly block the field lines and this results in a blocked system and the need for Drain Field Repair in Eustis FL.

Septic systems are a simple method of waste control, but they do require a bit of maintenance. Failure to have them pumped regularly can result in a clogged system and this can affect the drain field. This is because the drain field consists of a series of perforated pipes placed on a bed of aggregate in trenches. Once the piping is placed, the trenches are covered and most people forget about this part of the septic system. An overflow will quickly remind them because the solid waste blocks any leach lines and leaves the waste nowhere to go but back into the building.

The best way to avoid septic problems is through routine maintenance, but sometimes they are unavoidable. In these cases, the plumber has a few tools that can make locating the problem easier. For example, they can use a hydro-jet tool for eliminating certain blockages or a video snake to locate them. In fact, the use of a video tool can make it easier to discover faults such as crushed pipes, roots or other issues. This can reduce the need for digging out all the piping if the problem is small. Please click here to investigate more info regarding septic system maintenance and repair.

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