The Advantages of Custom Mall Kiosks

If you are starting a small business, one of the biggest challenges is to create brand awareness and let potential customers know you are out there. Another issue to face in the beginning stages is figuring out how to budget for overhead, such as store rental and labor. One of the easiest solutions for those who are starting a business is to use custom mall kiosks to create awareness and save money on rent.

Kiosks Provide Flexibility

When business owners rent or buy store space, they have to keep in mind the real estate adage, location, location, location. The same is true of finding the right spot for your kiosk, but the good news is your kiosk placement is not necessarily set in stone. Depending on your agreement with the shopping mall, you have more option of changing a kiosk location if it isn’t working out for you than switching to another rented store space.

Save on Labor Costs

There are usually one or two people working in custom mall kiosks, so using a kiosk rather than a store does not allow spending too much on labor costs. Because of the small space, a business owner is forced to streamline his or her budget. Make sure the person working in your kiosk is reliable and efficient and can handle a large amount of business if there is a rush period.

Points to Keep in Mind

Make sure your custom mall kiosks are wired for electronic payment, since not all malls provide this for those who rent kiosks. Make payment arrangements well in advance of opening a kiosk to avoid problems. Also, ensure the people working in the kiosk are vigilant against shoplifting. Kiosks tend not to have the kind of security cameras shops do, and with the abundance of foot traffic, it is easier for people to lift items. With the right staff and payment system, a kiosk can be an effective way to reach customers and save on overhead.

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