The Emergency Dentist in Panama City Beach, FL Can Help With Tooth Injuries

Tooth injuries typically occur at the most inopportune moments. When an unexpected injury occurs, prompt dental care is sometimes needed to avoid permanent damage. Unfortunately, not all dental offices offer treatment outside of scheduled appointments. This is when a person needs to see an Emergency Dentist in Panama City Beach FL. An emergency dentist can treat many different injuries and stabilize a person so they are no longer bleeding and can manage their pain.

The treatment one will receive will depend on the type of injury they are suffering from. Most people are surprised to learn a dentist can save a tooth that has been knocked out of its socket. If this happens, a person needs to make sure they gently rinse the tooth with cool water and immediately bring it to the dentist. In some cases, the tooth can be replaced in the socket where it will eventually grow back into the gum tissue.

Cracks and chips are typically easy to repair by the Emergency Dentist in Panama City Beach FL. The dentist will use a procedure that is much like filling a tooth that has a cavity. The area that has been damaged will be carefully smoothed to round out any sharp edges so they do not cause damage to the tongue or gums. The cracks or chip can then be filled in with a filling material made of composite ingredients.

The goal of the emergency dentist is to accurately triage a patient and then find the right treatment based on diagnostic information gleaned from X-rays and physical examinations. This stabilizes the patient until they can get in to see their dentist for a full appointment. These dentists are available after hours and on weekends.

If you have injured your tooth and need emergency dental care, you can click for additional info. Visiting will allow you to learn more about the emergency dental services they offer patients so you can make an informed choice. They also offer a wide array of general and cosmetic dental services to keep their patients’ smiles healthy and beautiful. Call right away to schedule an appointment.

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