Best Features of Uptown Dallas Bars

Planning the perfect night out with family or friends starts with choosing a stellar restaurant location. With so many restaurants in the Dallas area, it can be hard to separate the so-so with the extraordinary. Here are some tips for choosing the best uptown Dallas bars and restaurants.

  1. Ambiance

A night out with friends or loved ones shouldn’t be stressful. It should be relaxed and intimate. The best restaurants and bars in uptown Dallas feature cozy settings that include comfy furniture and laid-back expectations.


City views make or break an evening. More and more people want to escape the dark drudgery of basement bars and are choosing light, airy atmospheres that have views for days. The best grilles and bars in town are often those with rooftop seating options with amazing panoramic views of the city.

  1. Smaller Menus

People don’t want to spend hours selecting their meal from a menu that’s larger than a novel. They’re also not into huge portions. Instead, today’s bar and restaurant patrons want eclectic, trendy food that’s available in small bites.

The best Uptown Dallas bars offer unique cocktails, lite bites, and delicious chef-inspired meals. Vegan and gluten-free options are also important when choosing a great place for a night. People want their entire party to have good food and drinks they can enjoy.

  1. Check out the Views from the Top

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