Charleston Wedding Bands Bring Flair, Fun & Fantastic Magic to Special Days

Weddings days are a major theatrical event requiring a myriad assortment of fine, calculated details. Principal among the details is the wedding soundtrack, a mission best accomplished by seasoned, versatile, talented, local Charleston wedding bands. There are several local wedding bands to choose from, so here’s what to look for when it’s time to choose.


Who needs a wedding band that only plays a handful of genres? What if the spouses are a little bit country and a little bit rock n’ roll? That’s when it’s time to consider a wedding band that plays just about everything well, especially the songs that the spouses, their family and friends love so much.

When evaluating a potential wedding band, there are several characteristics to look for. Not all of the characteristics are empirical. The lead singer’s sheer beauty of tone is always a plus. Beyond aesthetics, technical versatility is a must. If the newlyweds are fond of live, acoustical music, the chosen band should be able to deliver in spades.


The wedding day play list should reflect who the spouses are, their musical tastes, but it should also have an element of theatrics. Clients should feel free to throw in a spot of reggae or jazz for the spouses’ viral video dance. Maybe a good old fashioned line dance to the Eagles is the ticket?

Whatever the spouses desire, the wedding band should be able to supply it without a hitch or an equally enjoyable, viable equivalent. Special requests are more than acceptable, and the prospective band should have the ability to play requests live in a solo, duet, trio or ensemble format.

To experience what real, down-to-earth, ridiculously talented Charleston wedding bands look and sound like, look up, online destination of all things Chris Dodson, Charleston’s award-winning songwriter and smooth tenor wedding singer supplying dream playlists to local weddings.

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