Broken Tooth? See an Emergency Dentist in Farmingdale for Help

Anyone can trip over a rug or misplaced toy. These falls can result in dental injuries that need to be seen by an Emergency Dentist in Farmingdale immediately. While a broken tooth can be quite painful, it can also lead to infection if not cared for immediately. Therefore, the patient should call their dentist office as soon as possible. Dental staff understand the importance of prompt care and will ensure a timely appointment. When the patient arrives, the dentist will work quickly to quell their pain and assess the situation.

If the broken tooth is still substantially intact, then the Emergency Dentist in Farmingdale can use a strong composite to mend the tooth. This process is known as bonding. The composite can be matched to the existing tooth color. It can also be shaped to fit the space. Once it has dried and the dentist has polished it, there will be no visible difference between the original portion of the tooth and the composite.

However, if the tooth has been substantially damaged, the dentist may have to use a porcelain crown to stabilize it and prevent future infection. He will carefully drill away any possible sites of infection and smooth the edges. He will then take an impression of the tooth and send it to a dental laboratory. In about 10 days, the porcelain crown will be ready to be permanently cemented in place. Once that is complete the patient will care for it as they would any tooth.

Unfortunately, not all broken teeth can be saved. The Emergency Dentist may have to extract the tooth. He will use a strong numbing agent to prevent the patient from feeling any pain. He will also explain to the patient how Dental Implants are used to replace lost teeth. Once the jaw has healed from the extraction, the dentist will take digital x-rays of the area. This allows him to see the location of adjacent tooth roots and nerves. Both of these have to be avoided when the titanium implant is inserted. After about eight weeks, a porcelain crown is cemented on top of the implant. The patient will now be able to speak and eat normally. Click here for more info

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