Care and Cleaning of Oriental Rugs – A Process of Precision

Cleaning and caring for your prized oriental rug doesn’t have to be difficult. Here is the two-step, easy answer to getting your rug clean – and keeping it that way!

Easy Does It

When performing your oriental rug cleaning, the first and foremost thing to remember is the importance of a gentle touch. Not all oriental rugs are antique or vintage pieces, but even if they aren’t, they are likely to be somewhat fragile – and difficult to replace!

To remove a liquid spill from your oriental rug, blot the area gently to soak up as much of the spill as possible, then follow with a gentle cleanser and warm water. Never bleach or use harsh chemicals on your rugs and avoid very hot water as it may cause colors to rug.

Need to clean dust or dry dirt from your rug? Gently shake excess from the rug and follow with a gentle vacuuming. If your vacuum doesn’t provide light enough suction to prevent damage to your rug, consider having it professionally cleaned. Remember: you cannot beat these rugs, as they may fray, tear or otherwise be damaged.

It’s also important to remember that the best way to keep your rug clean is to prevent damage and spills in the first place. Display it in an area that receives little foot traffic and isn’t prone to food or beverage spills. An ounce of prevention will go a long way in keeping your carpets in top-shape!

Know When a Professional Needs to Step In

Sometimes, oriental rug cleaning is a job for professionals. Whether the stain is too severe, the tear is too large or the fading and discoloration is too much for you to restore yourself, there are always Houston area rug cleaning and repair experts who can provide the services you need.

What about costs? The problem with trying to save money by performing your rug cleaning and repair is that it’s difficult to know what you’re doing without some training and experience. The expertise built over years of practice by professionals who work with oriental and other delicate rugs on a regular basis will provide the knowledge needed to get the job done right.

Oriental rug cleaning must be performed with care, and often that care requires precision that only experience can provide. Contact your local rug cleaning specialist and ask if they offer cleaning services for antique, vintage and oriental rugs. You may find that repairs and restoration are easier – and less costly – than you first believed!

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