Choosing Your Fall Protection Harness

Those who work at high elevations require the assurance they can perform their jobs safely. If they are high up on a shifting leading edge or standing on a ladder, they should have some form of protection against falling. Wearing safety equipment, particularly a fall protection harness is one way to help ensure a worker goes home that night.

Fall Protection Harnesses: Basic Characteristics

When it comes to selecting the right harness, you need to consider certain factors. While some may consider comforting a primary option, it should never be foremost when choosing the proper fall protection harness. The most important characteristics a safety harness needs to possess are:

 * Size: How does it fit you? Does it meet the requirements for fit under both manufacturing and safety requirements?

 * Compliance: The harness must comply with the restrictions placed by both the OSHA and ANSI restrictions.

 * Suitability: What is the purpose of the harness? Is it the right match with the tasks required of it?

 * Type: Do you require a specialty harness or a basic model?

 * Recognition: Do you recognize the name or brand of the company? This is not a manner of vanity. It is important that the equipment designed to keep you safe has an established reputation for doing so and more. Brand name products have a reputation to uphold in the market. If the product is made by a new company, go online and discover more about whether their products are certified and are considered both high quality and reliable

 * Safety Features: does the safety harness feature the requisite safety elements. How many D-rings does it utilize in its design? Is it padded for both comfort and protection? Be the material flame retardant and heat resistant?

 * Weather Specific: Does the label or manufacturer indicate whether the harness is capable of handling all types of weather or whether it is only suited to a specific climate type?

You should carefully review and consider all of the above factors before purchase.

Fall Protection Harness

When you look at the various types of harnesses available on the market today, it is always important to consider two factors: durability and reliability. They must also meet and, better still, exceed all safety standards for their usage. Whether you or your employer decides upon a basic, premium or specialty model, be sure you read all the reviews and consult professionals about the pros and cons of each. Even if you rent, it never pays to be lax in your choice of fall protection harness. Failure to play it “safe” – pun intended, could cost you your life.

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