Ideas For Customized Promotional Gifts

Customized promotional gifts are a great way to get your brand’s message, information and logo to reach a wide audience. Some studies have shown that they are much more effective than traditional print, radio, and television advertising, and can reach your target market with lower cost and higher efficiency. The tricky part is deciding which promotional item or items to purchase. Things like pens and lanyards are incredibly popular, and depending on the circumstances make excellent choices, but can feel a bit tired and overdone. Here are some other options for customized promotional gifts that your business should consider.

Tote Bags

Long gone are the days of cheap looking tote bags – now you can find a tote for nearly every occasion and purpose. Tote bags are almost universally used for everything from a trip to the grocery store, to beach vacations, to revitalizing brown bag lunches. Tote bags are available in nearly every size, from small enough to pack a pair of shoes for the walk from the car to the office, to large enough to accommodate carry-on luggage. Branding a tote bag with your company’s information helps to advertise your business to a wide audience while also giving your customers or employees an incredibly useful gift at the same time.


Another unusual but terrific idea is to obtain customized candy as a giveaway or promotional gift. When it comes to candy giveaways, your options are nearly endless. Everything from peppermints to pretzels to chocolate can be customized and used as promotional gifts. Some companies can stamp your logo right on the candy itself, which may not reach a wider audience but is a novel idea and can impress your customers and clients. Other companies can put your logo and other promotional information on a label and affix it to a jar, making it perfect for reception desks and to give away to customers or clients. Be mindful of allergies when going this route; there are still a ton of candy options that do not contain nuts or other allergens that can be considered.

Pet Products

Depending on the type of client or customer base you have, pet supplies make a fantastic gift. You can brand a bowl, brush, bandana, collars, leash, or even pet trash bags with your company’s information and let your customers help advertise your business in the cutest way possible – with everyone’s favorite furry friends. Even pet tags can be customized and turned into fantastic gift ideas for animal lovers with all tastes.

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