Coating With A Purpose: Corrosion Resistant Coating

The metal finishing industry stands in good stead. It provided a valuable service to many manufacturers. They provide a means through which steel and iron producers can fight off a serious problem – one that costs the metal industry millions annually – corrosion. Finishing companies accomplish this using a basic tool they have at their fingertips – a corrosion resistant coating.

The Problem of Corrosion

Corrosion is a problem for many industries that produce metal components. Those who work in a hazardous or harsh exterior environment are particularly open to this issue. The consequences can be serious and even deadly in certain situations. If the items are not protected, the results can be:

 * Plant shutdowns
 * Endanger safety of workers in a plant or people on the street or bridge or sidewalk affected
 * Waste of valuable resources
 * Loss/ contamination of a product
 * Efficiency reduction
 * The cost of maintenance and repair work can become costly

Safety increasingly becomes an issue if the right measures are not taken to protect both public and private structures and construction works. If steel reinforcing bars found in concrete collapse from corrosion, they can cause electrical towers to fall down, and highways and bridges to collapse. These can be avoided if the right steps are taken for the specific type of corrosive forces.

Stopping Corrosion

Corrosion occurs in reaction to or with several atmospheric factors. Simply states, it means oxygen in the atmosphere reacts with the metal surface to produce a new layer over it. In some instances, it can be beneficial. Generally, however, when it comes to such materials as iron and steel, the results can be very destructive if not catastrophic.

If a manufacturer wishes to slow down or prevent the corrosion from setting up shop, it must adopt measures that will prevent the formation of this corrosive layer. The best means is to apply a protective layer between the oxidations powers of air and the metal. This corrosion resistant coating prevents the most common types of corrosion including galvanic and general corrosion.

Some common protective coatings against corrosion include those can be in a powder form or be accomplished through plating. Metal coatings include those composed of

 * Aluminum
 * Cadmium
 * Cobalt chromium
 * Nickel chromium
 * Zinc

These will help to protect both a company’s investment and human lives.

The Response to Corrosion: A Corrosion Resistant Coating

The rusting of components that comprise America’s infrastructure does pose a threat to industry and the average consumer alike. Replacing parts and structures is a costly business. The overall cost of allowing this to occur to vital components of the country’s economic industrial machinery can become prohibitive if allowed to continue. The solution is a relatively simple one. The response to corrosion should always be an active and protective one. Talk to a finishing company about adding a corrosion resistant coating. It could save both lives and money.

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