How to Save Energy on your AC

Well-maintained air conditioners are step one in energy efficient air conditioning in order to slash month-to-month utility bills. You should ideally check the filters once a month, and clean the AC when and as required.

Be certain to efficiently use the thermostat

According to our Heating and Air Conditioning in Bethesda experts, your thermostat setting has a critical part to play as it’ll come to efficient methods of decreasing power intake by the AC. While you might save a good amount of energy if you set your thermostat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit, specialists suggest to set it as high as you can (so long as it’s comfortable for you). The idea is to minimize your overall cooling expense incurred by minimizing the difference from the temperature indoors and outdoors. This may assist in reducing your cooling expense by 6 to 8%.

Minimize the quantity of air escaping from your house

Everyone knows that the windows and doors of a room must be kept closed while using the air conditioner; however, few people really follow that advice. In turn, this permits cool air to escape and hot air to get inside the room that further delays the process of cooling. You should ideally avoid activities requiring you to frequently move out and in the room.

Minimize heat generation and prevent direct sunlight into the home

According to our Heating and Air Conditioning in Bethesda experts, one simple measure to decrease your expenditure on AC is to ensure you do not permit heat from outside to seep into the home. You’ll need to protect your home from direct sunlight with awnings, drapes, shades, etc. Likewise, growing trees around your home will ensure that your home is in shade within the day time.

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