Concrete Drain Pipe: Sizes And Types

Concrete is a common and very popular tool of the construction industry in states as varied as Georgia and New York. When it comes to public work projects – such as sewers and culverts, concrete drain pipe fulfills the role perfectly. Manufacturers produce a variety of size and even shapes to ensure the right model is available for each type of project.

Basic Types

Essentially, concrete drain pipes are available in two basic types. These are:

  1. Reinforced
  2. Non-reinforced

The use of one type over the other is based on the strength requirements of the project. In general, non-reinforced concrete drain pipes do not have the same vigor as their reinforced counterparts. As a result, if the force resting on and demanded of the concrete pipe are not beyond the capabilities of traditional concrete, they can

Typically, drain pipes are available in small diameters. They usually are less than 24-inches across. In Georgia and other southern states, they are ideal for applications that provide the conveying of water away from the road. They must be accessible without undue issue. They cannot be positioned beneath the road, running under its surface. Instead, the most common applications for small-diameter drain pipes in states such as Georgia include:

  • Simple slope drains
  • Tight lines as connecting devices between sewers and underdrain pipes

Without protective treatment, a concrete drain pipe can withstand fill heights of around 30 feet and last approximately 25 years before requiring replacement.

Concrete Drain Pipe

Concrete pipe systems perform a number of vital roles in transporting today’s sewage. They provide drainage and help control the flow of water in stormwater systems. They carry a variety of fluids. However, concrete drain pipe tends to be smaller in diameter than other types. Its application use is restricted in such states as Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee to acts as the connecting pipe between sewers and underground pipes.

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