Consider purchasing FSC Certified Wood Doors With Interchangeable Core Locks

If you want to purchase products that are good for the environment, affordable and of good quality, They are available. When doors are needed, look for wooden doors that are FSC certified. FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council. The wood products with this certification are harvested from forests with long-term management plans that allow for profitable timber harvesting while protecting forest biodiversity, productivity, forest resources and ecosystems, and affected communities. Once the doors are chosen, make sure that they are fitted with Interchangeable Core Locks. These compact mechanisms are environmentally friendly because they are interchangeable in the door locks.

What are Interchangeable Core Locks? What makes them worth considering? Interchangeable core locks are the keying part of a locking mechanism, so if you need to change the key, you only replace that part, not the whole thing. The core lock is a small figure eight shape core that is inserted into the host locking system with a special control key. This device is needed to insert or remove the interchangeable core, so the locking unit is always secure. The big advantage of these cores is that they can be removed from one type of lock and inserted into a different kind of lock without removing either of the host locks. All that is being moved are the small figure eight shaped cores. With the correct tool, these cores can be removed, re-keyed and put back in the lock, ready for new keys.

These interchangeable cores and host locks are good for homes where multiple keys are given to family members, so if someone loses a key, or a key is stolen, the locks can be easily re-keyed and new keys handed out. They are good for businesses with master key systems, since they are so easy to re-key if keys go missing, or when personnel changes occur. Apartment buildings would be another good place to use this type of locking systems. Spare core locks can be kept on hand, so as tenants change, the apartment doors can be easily re-keyed for the new tenants. This compact keying mechanism is a perfect match for new FSC wooden doors, and for many other door types. Click Here for more details.



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