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April 15th is the deadline for taxes each year in the United States. This filing deadline can be met more easily when taxpayers use the services of a tax preparation accountant. Filing for an extension beyond April 15th can be avoided by finding a service provider for a complete tax preparation.

New York City’s Best Tax Preparation service providers help their clients obtain all the documentation necessary for their taxes. Employers will generally send out W-2 forms and 1099s. They will even include documents involving any stock or related purchases committed by the employee. In addition to these documents, the tax preparer will also need any copies of bank or brokerage statements. Brokerage statements are particularly important because they will alert the accountant to any tax gains or losses that are being carried into the coming fiscal year. These forwards will allow the tax accountant to assess the various types of gains and losses that could be accounted for in the current year’s taxes.

The accountant can also help the filing client to assess work-related receipts to possibly save the client money on their tax returns. Anything a person buys for their work that isn’t reimbursed by the employer can be considered deductible. Some common deductibles include:

*   Computers
*   Travelling expenses
*   Tools or general equipment
  Advertising budgets
  Utilities bills

People who are self-employed should certainly seek out New York City’s Best Tax Preparation provider because they will want to retain as much of their earned profits as possible. Self-employed people should always save receipts to retain as much of their money as possible during their tax return. Saving any pictures or receipts of donations to charity is also important. Charitable donations can also be considered deductions. Even investing in energy-efficient products can help a person save money on their taxes as long as they have the correct documentation and a supportive tax accountant.

It’s a good idea for tax payers to begin gathering these documents with the guidance of an accountant as soon as possible. The process can take a significant amount of time, and filing an extension only prolongs any stress or further sense of obligation. Taxes do not have to be stressful for professional individuals, and the entire filing process can be made easier with an efficient, affordable tax accountant. Get in touch with us for more information.

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