Contact A Heating Contractor In Neenah WI For A Checkup On Your System Or For Repair

With the winter months in full force, a furnace that isn’t working properly will cost more and won’t keep a home nearly as warm as it should. Minor adjustments to a furnace can reduce the amount of energy it uses. Although it’s best to have a checkup and inspection performed on a heating system before the start of the winter, it’s not too late to have one now. Regular maintenance on any type of heating system will extend its life and limit breakdowns and high repair costs. A heating contractor in Neenah WI can inspect, repair, or replace the following types of heating systems:

* Oil furnaces.

* Heat pumps.

* Radiant heat.

* Furnaces.

* Water heaters.

A great way to save money in a home is when a heating contractor in Neenah WI installs a zone control system. This option allows an owner to have separate zones in their home. It controls each room to be the temperature an owner wants. When no one is in the bedrooms all day, the heat can be adjusted down saving energy. It serves as a room-to-room heating system. When this type of zone control is installed with a new energy-efficient furnace, a homeowner can cut their energy costs dramatically. With the rising energy costs, the savings will more than pay for a new system in a short amount of time.

Furnaces manufactured 10-15 years ago do not have the same energy efficient savings a new unit will have. Although replacing the furnace filter will help to eliminate some of the dust in the unit and home, it will not remove all of it. The inside of a furnace should be cleaned by a trained HVAC technician each year and the belts, electrical connections, and blower motor should be cleaned and checked. A belt that is loose or fraying could cause severe damage to the furnace if it breaks. Odd noises coming from a heating system should also be cause for alarm for a homeowner.

Bob’s quality heating & cooling has been helping homeowners get the most out of their heating systems for almost 40 years. Their highly-trained and courteous staff will be able to keep your home and family warm all winter and cool in the summer.

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