Do Cameras in The Cab Improve Performance?

A dramatic increase in the number of operators requiring performance monitoring cameras in the cab, makes truckers aware of their actions, but does it improve their overall performance? Third party logistics operators (3PL companies) claim growth in both security and safety.

Privacy Concerns

Truckers must believe that cameras in the cab are being provided as an aid to the driver’s skills and ability to assess information and not just an invasion of privacy by any 3PL companies.

While in-video systems have become more popular, trucks that are equipped with lane departure warning systems may improve both the driver’s safety and their training levels. By tracking hard breaking events and warnings for forward collisions, truckers may be able to accomplish a smoother journey.

Truckers will be aware that whenever the system is tripped into recording, because either the forward collision or lane departure systems have been called into action, the data will be available for 3PL companies to assess and review.

Reports Are Positive

Virtually all fleets using these systems are reporting benefits. They are often able to prove and discharge the driver, when an incident records a clear video of an event, often proving the driver was not at fault.

Where collisions are involved and insurance claims completed, the video, data and information, may be sufficient for insurance companies to lay blame elsewhere. Other involved claimants may provide alternative information and description about an incident, which can be clarified from the video.

As most of these cameras in the cab only save data when certain incidents have been triggered, such as decelerating suddenly or braking hard, drivers are encouraged to perform more smoothly and these recordings will prove when they are not at fault.

By recording inside and outside of the cab, the videos become an excellent training tool both for new and current drivers.

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