Crackling Wick Candles Are Loved By Everyone

Burning candles are admired by almost everyone. From the calm glow of a burning wick to the wonderful aroma that comes from the pool of melting wax, they are captivating accents to any home.

Some candles have added a new dimension to the experience of burning candles: sound. When burned, crackling wick candles sound just like a crackling fire.

Wooden Wick

Crackling wick candles are manufactured with a wooden wick made from organic trees free from pesticides, fertilizers, and other toxic chemicals. The wooden wick, when lit, produces a unique crackle and pop sound, similar to the sound of a burning log in a fireplace. Some say that even reminds them of nights in front of a campfire. They can hear that familiar crackling sound as the gentle flame dances at the tip of the wooden wick.


In addition to the unique crackling sound when burned, these candles have a rich and wonderful aroma. Fragrances can be spicy, woodsy, sweet, or floral.

Winter scents for crackling wick candles can warm up a cold wintery day. As there are so many wonderful fragrances to choose from, you might find it difficult to pick a favorite.

Even the unscented candles give off their own light wood-burning scent. It is the same scent that can linger after the fire has gone out in a fireplace or the morning after an all-night campfire.

The beauty of crackling wick candles is that they work in almost any room of the house. A candle burning in the living area where the family gathers adds just the right amount of ambiance.

When you want to impress friends and family on a special evening, light a crackling wick candle. Once you light them, your guests cannot help but be impressed with the soft, flickering glow, the crackling sound of burning wood, and the lovely fragrance as it fills your home.

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