The Importance of Industrial Machinery Preventative Maintenance

If your company depends on large or heavy machinery, you understand the importance of keeping everything in good condition. You want the best kind of maintenance available. When you opt for preventative maintenance services from your industrial machine repair company, you have a number of benefits.

What Does Preventative Maintenance Mean?

Some businesses choose to save money on maintaining machines by using a “run to fail” maintenance program. Very little is done to maintain machinery, and when something fails, they call on their industrial machine repair service. This may work well for some businesses, but for most, a preventative or proactive approach is best.

A preventative maintenance program seeks to correct problems before they turn into costly downtime issues. For instance, all machinery has a schedule for lubrication. Fluids and filters are changed at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals. Part are routinely cleaned and inspected frequently.

Preventative care from your industrial machine repair company may seem more costly than a “run to fail” system. However, the initial cost of maintenance is usually more than offset by the problems it can prevent.


If you maintain your machinery, it can give you a more dependable service. You have fewer downtime problems which can be very costly. Less downtime translates into a more efficient and profitable business.

Emergency Repairs

When you keep equipment in top shape, it gives you a longer service life. Parts and replaced at specific intervals instead of waiting until they break down. You have fewer emergency repair calls, and this saves you money.

Parts Inventory

A good proactive maintenance plan includes keeping important parts on hand. For example, if you need to replace a screw compressor, it is easier and more efficient to take one from your inventory. Otherwise, you may need to order parts and your equipment could be down for a long time.

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