Diving into Decorative River Rock in Austin, TX

Rocks are viewed in several different ways. Some people see them as eyesores, whereas others consider them lawn hurdles. They certainly have a way of complicating gardening projects. That being said, they can also be beautiful, inexpensive decorative elements to be used in landscaping designs, water features, construction, crafting, and numerous other applications. While virtually any type of stone can be used in these ways, Decorative River Rock in Austin, TX is among the most popular.

What Is River Rock?

As the name indicates, river rock is typically removed from rivers where they’ve lain for centuries, gradually being shaped and molded by the water flowing around them. This generally leaves them with a smooth surface and rounded edges, which is the reason they’re perfect for decorative purposes. River rocks can also be manufactured. Man-made versions tend to have a more polished appearance, and they’re shaped with machines rather than by natural means.

What Types of River Rocks Are Available?

Dozens of varieties of river rock are on the market. They come in several colors, textures, shapes, and sizes usually ranging from just over half an inch to five inches or larger. Natural ones are often comprised of granite or basalt while manufactured varieties can be made of acrylic, glass and other materials.

  • Arizona River Rock: Arizona river rock spans a broad color spectrum from beige to black with various shades of red and pink falling in between.
  • Cherokee River Rock: In most cases, Cherokee river rock comes in fewer colors with most being beige, gray, and light brown.
  • Colorado River Stones: Like the Arizona variety, Colorado river rock is available in numerous colors, including red, gray, mottled and even almost white.
  • Mexican Beach Pebbles: Despite the name, Mexican beach pebbles are a type of decorative River Rock in Austin, TX as well. They’re generally dark gray or black and resemble chunks of cooled lava with rounded edges.

These are only a few of the most common types of decorative stones. From aquarium liners to rock gardens and pathways, they make wonderful additions to homes and landscapes. Visit the website for more details or to explore more landscaping and construction stone and gravel options.

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