The Health Benefits of Epoxy Flooring in Boston, MA

There is no doubt that an epoxy floor coating offers a number of benefits. While it does not have to prove itself in the “desirable” realm, there are other benefits of this type of flooring that have appealed to many more people than just its aesthetic charm has. The fact is that there are many ways epoxy floor coating can provide a healthier living environment for you and your family.

Carpet and Allergies

The issue that carpet creates more allergens in a home is still somewhat controversial. On one end of the spectrum there is the fact that carpet traps and holds more dust mites, dander, dust and other allergy causing particles. However, a recent study also has proven that since carpet traps these particles, the quality of the air in a room is better. As stated earlier, this is still controversial due to the fact that these particles are still present. So, what is the solution? Epoxy floor coating, of course!

Epoxy Floor Coating: Eliminating Allergies Everywhere

While that may be a bit of an overstatement, epoxy floor coating does not hold the allergens, keeping them in the space, as carpet does. The fact is that seeing the dust that is present means that you are more apt to eliminate it. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, the ideal flooring for anyone with mild or severe allergies or asthma is hardwood.

Issues with Moisture

There is a general consensus that if you have a moist area in your home, this is not the ideal environment for carpet. It is even crucial to remove any carpet that has been in a flood or in a structure where standing water was present for an extended period of time. The fact is that when this occurs, it is a breeding ground for mold growth. If this is left untreated, the mold problem can become serious. It is also suggested that you leave carpet out of bathrooms and basements for the purpose of eliminating the possibility of mold growth.

A side note however, is that if an area is prone to excessive moisture, such as a bathroom, epoxy floor coating can be the ideal solution. The excessive moisture and water will not cause any type of damage or require repairs. The bottom line is that options such as tile, stone or concrete are better options for these areas.

The fact is that if you install an epoxy floor coating you will have fewer issues with dust and debris gathering in the air, creating a safer air environment in your home. This option also provides an aesthetic appeal that is not achievable with carpet. Additionally, using this flooring is environmentally friendly, because when cared for properly it can last beyond the lifetime of the building. This means that you will not be seeing used wood flooring products filling up landfills anytime soon. Epoxy floor coating offers health benefits and even environmental benefits. This is more than enough reason to make it your flooring of choice.

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