Finding Just the Right Flowers in Louisville for Your Wedding Ceremony

One of the details you might overlook when planning your wedding is the kind of flowers you want to use. Here are some tips for choosing the kind of flowers that would work best for your wedding, as well as colors that blend with the clothing and decorations.


You want to put together a budget for all of the flowers you plan to use in your wedding. Try to keep the budget to less than 10% of your total budget so you have money left to spend on other items you need. The time of year might impact how much you spend on flowers, if there are certain kinds that need to be ordered.

Visit Florists

Consult with a few different florists about wedding flowers in Louisville so you have a few options, instead of going with the first florist you find. Talk to each florist about the price of bouquets and other arrangements you might need for your wedding. Look at some of the past arrangements that have been made to get an idea of how each florist performs their work.


When choosing wedding flowers in Louisville, you want to think about the colors that will be used in your wedding. Try to find flowers that are usually available in a variety of colors, such as tulips or carnations. Keep in mind that some flowers might not be available during certain times of the year, which could impact the color choices you have.

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