Why So Many Parents & Patients Adore Dr. Kathryn Bass, a Surgeon from NY

There is a popular and well-regarded children’s specialist that offers empathetic care for young pediatric patients and their families. Learn why so many parents and young patients adore Dr. Kathryn Bass, a surgeon from NY. Dr. Bass has an impressive background, graduating with honors with a B.S. in biomedical engineering, where she worked on the designs of several life support systems before finishing her medical degree and advanced surgical training.

Dr. Bass Treats Newborns That Need Surgery for Congenital Anomalies

Some of the most fragile and vulnerable people in society are newborns and babies dealing with serious congenital anomalies and birth defects. Dr. Bass has the greatest passion for helping these small ones lead healthy and fuller lives after surgical treatment and other medical interventions. She also has extensive expertise in treating children with chest and abdominal surgeries. Some of her research interests involve trauma and wound care using cutting-edge treatments and therapies.

A Respected Surgeon Who Mentors & Teaches Younger Medical Students

Dr. Kathryn Bass believes in making a difference for future generations through teaching and mentoring younger medical school students and residents. She is especially passionate about her young pediatric charges. Parents of these kids are quick to mention how supportive and caring Dr. Bass is with everyone. As a female doctor and surgeon, she also invests time in encouraging girls interested in the sciences.

Where to Find This Pediatric Surgeon with 20+ Years of Experience

Contact Dr. Kathryn Bass at Bass Kathryn D MD via https://drkathrynbass.com.

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