Finding Relief from your Arthritis Pain in Jacksonville

There are a variety of accidents, illnesses, and minor issues which can cause pain in the body, whether you slipped and fell on ice, were in a car accident, or have poor posture when sitting or standing. One of the most common causes of both chronic and acute pain is arthritis. This is a name for a broad range of degenerative diseases can be caused by older age, joint and muscle stress over time, improper weight or obesity, and more. Pain associated with arthritis can be anywhere from a dull ache to sharp and intense, but is usually located in and around joints in your knee, hips, and elsewhere. When you’re searching for relief from the pain, there are a variety of medications which can help rid you of symptoms temporarily as well as permanently.

Identifying the Cause

Diagnosing arthritis can be difficult at times as there are more than 100 different types of this joint disease, and it can affect adults as well as children. Symptoms can be chronic and persist as a dull ache in various parts of the body for an extended time, or can come on suddenly after certain daily activities. Damage to the joints can be permanent, and is most easily seen in the fingers and toes. However, X-rays can show the extent of additional damage to joints inside your body such as the knee, elbow, shoulder, wrists and ankles. While common forms of this disease are limited to joint degeneration only, other forms can damage the lungs, kidneys and heart. Family history plays a part as well, and studies have shown that you may have a higher chance of having the same joint issues as older family members. While women are more commonly affected, men are certainly not immune and can suffer the same painful symptoms.

Potential Treatments Available

Short term relief can sometimes be achieved through chiropractic adjustments, however this may only last a day or two before the pain returns. With the advances in medical technology, it’s no surprise many people suffering from arthritis pain in Jacksonville are turning to physicians to receive tried and true treatments such as cortisone injections and anti-inflammatory medications. In addition, a sufferer may also find relief through the use of splints or braces, as well as through the modification of daily activities. If joint issues are the result of obesity, weight management and nutritional guidance are excellent options which can help slow and even stop the degeneration of joint tissue.

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