What Are the Original 13 Colonies of America?

Before the United States of America united – and before America gained independence from the British – the New World was a vast free space, colonized by the great empires of Europe who would lay the seeds of one of the greatest nations on Earth.

America has its roots still in these first 13 colonies – the 13 that the British created and left in their wake. These are Virginia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

The 13 colonies stretched from modern-day New England to Florida, all across the East Coast, and they were part of the nation’s founding and strong rebellion against the British rule.

From their first founding in the beginnings of the 17th century, to the mid-18th century, these British colonies were placeholders for the Empire on North America – but that began to change when they demanded the same rights the British had, especially the right to “no taxation without representation”. The unrest and unruly behavior of these colonies led to the creations of state governments and a rise towards the idea of independence, as led by great thinkers such as Benjamin Franklin. And by 1776, the United States had been formed. A new nation. A nation that stands proud to this day, respectful of its roots.

The British tried to control and use the colonies as extensions for their motherland, specifically as part of a British mercantile system that utilized the colonies’ use of slavery to produce exportable products such as rice and tobacco. These first colonies also saw the rise and spread of formal education – the oldest colleges on the continent were founded in these states, specifically universities like Harvard, Princeton and Yale.

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