Finding The Diamond In The Rough

As you begin your thrift shopping adventures, there are a few ways for you to get the best items for the lowest price while helping the store at the same time. Talk to the workers to find out when the store restocks. Some thrift stores Jacksonville FL offers will restock each day while others will wait until the shelves and racks are getting depleted.

Some stores have certain days when there are special discounts. It could be a discount for senior citizens or days when there are discounts on certain types of clothing. Pay attention to when these days are during the week so that you can save even more money on the things that you need for your family. However, you need to be strong when you see some items in the store. Many thrift stores have nostalgic toys, clothes, and furniture. Unless there is someone in your family who would benefit from the purchase, then you might want to avoid spending the money at the time.

When you’re looking at clothes thrift stores Jacksonville FL offers, keep in mind that they will usually be a few sizes smaller than what you would normally wear. This is because the clothes have been washed and dried a few times and have had time to shrink. Vintage clothing usually runs smaller as well, so keep that in mind when you’re looking at a pair of jeans that should fit but don’t even when you’ve picked up the size you normally wear.

If you’re looking for clothes, then shop during the off-season. Thrift stores tend to put their clothes on the racks about the same time as retail stores. You’ll sometimes be able to get your wardrobe for the next season at a greatly discounted price because stores are trying to get as many current items on the shelves as possible.

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