Important Steps to Take Before Flood Damage Restoration in Schenectady

Flood waters are one of the major causes of damage to homes across the country. Not only do floods bring in tons of water, they can also bring in raw sewage, bacteria, debris, and a host of dangerous chemicals. It is crucial homeowners are aware of the steps they need to take to protect their homes and families before they hire professionals for flood damage restoration in Schenectady.

The first crucial step homeowners must take is turning the electricity off. Electricity and water do not mix and can cause catastrophic injuries or even death. The main breaker will need to be shut off to ensure there is no electrical power in the home.

Next, homeowners should contact their homeowner’s insurance company to file a claim. When the technicians come out for flood damage restoration in Schenectady, they can assist the homeowner with working with the insurance company to ensure the damages and losses are properly reported.

Homeowners need to move pets and small children away from the home until it is restored. An upper level of the home would be the safest area outside of having a family member or friend care for them.
Valuables and photographs should be moved to the upper levels of a home or to a safe storage area outside of the home so they are not damaged by water or high humidity levels.

Rugs, curtains, and any type of fabric need to be removed, washed, and sanitized as soon as possible so they do not become moldy.

A cleanup team will work to remove the water and will work to ensure the high humidity levels are brought down as soon as possible. They will also work to restore all of the damaged areas so the home is safe, clean, and secure.

Homeowners in needing water removal at can visit Professional Fire Restoration Services for more information. They are the water restoration professionals homeowners can rely on to ensure their homes are fully restored and safe for their families. Call them and schedule an appointment. They can get to work on restoring your property so you and your family can be at home again.

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