Finding the Right Dog Boarding Facility

In the Millersville area there are more than a few options to choose from when it comes to finding the best place to keep your pets when you are going out of town. Narrowing down your options does not have to be difficult. It just takes some patience and basic decision making to find the best pet boarding in Millersville for your dog or cat.

Your first decision will be whether you want or can afford a higher end facility with several amenities for your precious pets, or a basic boarding service. With that in mind, make a list of all the local options and start making phone calls in order to ask pertinent questions.

Depending upon what you are seeking, the first question you will likely want to ask a potential pet boarding in Millersville for your dog or cat is whether they use small rooms or cages. Of course, this mostly pertains to dogs, but finding out what kind of structures are available for your cat may matter as well. Most owners do not want to keep their dog in a cage for a lengthy period of time all day every day while they are gone. So you can exclude the facilities from your list that are structured more like basic kennels than a true pet resort. Millersville boarding for pets that includes small rooms is usually the preferred choice.

Next, you will want to ask what and how your pets will be fed, or whether or not you will be allowed to supply your own food. Some dogs and cats have sensitive stomachs and need specially formulated food I order to prevent unwanted digestive responses to the food they are given. Moreover, most dogs who are removed to an entirely new environment do not adjust well to being fed something new. Depending upon our pet’s dietary needs, you can cross some off your list, or, if they supply healthy food that will suffice for your pet, include them while excluding others that do not.

It’s almost essential to only include a pet boarding in Millersville on your list if they offered scheduled times for your dog to enjoy exercise and play. No one wants to leave their pet in a cage all hours of the day and night when they are gone. Cross off facilities that do not provide times for exercise.

Once you have narrowed down your options, it’s a good idea to schedule an interview with your top two or three choices and tour the facility; and choose one that you like best.

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