What To Expect With Lawn Care, Landscaping And Lawn Maintenance In Milwaukee, WI

If you enjoy having a beautiful, well manicured lawn, but you don’t have the time to keep it up yourself, contact a company that specializes in lawn maintenance in Milwaukee, WI. A lawn service company has the knowledge and experience to maintain your lawn and landscaping year round. Below you’ll learn what a lawn care service company can do to keep your lawn looking beautiful so you don’t have to.

Lawn Care

This particular part of lawn management is keeping your lawn healthy through several different methods. The lawn experts may add fertilizer to your lawn so that it grows green and lush. Your lawn may need aerated, which consists of poking holes into your yard to break up compacted soil and to allow more oxygen to get to the roots of the grass. Weed and insect control is also important for a healthy lawn and a lawn care professional can treat your lawn if weeds or insects are present.

Lawn Maintenance

Regularly maintaining your lawn will keep it looking green, lush and well cared for. Lawn maintenance includes weekly mowing, trimming and weed eating every month or just during specific months of the year. During the winter months of the year when you don’t need weekly upkeep, you’ll be able to schedule your lawn maintenance in Milwaukee, WI only when you need it. Speak with a representative of the lawn service company to choose a lawn maintenance schedule that works the best for you.


A professional lawn care service can create any type of landscaping design that you want. After your landscaping is complete, the lawn care service will maintain your yard with mulching, pruning, and caring for your trees and shrubs. If you have ornamental trees in your yard, the crew will care for your trees all year long with fertilization, feeding, and keeping them free of insects and disease.

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