Follow Doctor’s Orders While Applying for SSD Benefits in Missouri

If you are going through the process of trying to apply for Social Security disability benefits, you know how frustrating and overwhelming that process can feel. Matters that are routine for professionals who deal with the Social Security Administration daily and feel overwhelming to you. That is why it is good to have contact with disability lawyers in Missouri. These lawyers can answer your questions and help you make this process as smooth as possible.

One thing disability lawyers in Missouri recommend for their clients is that they follow their doctor’s orders. This is important because the Social Security Administration presumes that you want to get better and get back to living a higher-quality of life. If you fail to follow a physician’s prescribed course of treatment, your application could be denied.

The Social Security Administration does not care why you are not following doctor’s orders. They don’t care if it is because you can’t afford it. They don’t care if it is because your religious beliefs prevent you from getting medical care. In the eyes of the SSA, these are not viable reasons to reject treatments. If you believe that a particular treatment is not going to improve your condition, make sure your doctor supports you and documents its failure.

Grundy Disability Group, LLC can help you obtain doctor reports, file appeals on time, and finalize standardized Social Security questionnaires. Disability law in Missouri is quite complex and without help from a Social Security law firm, your case can easily become overwhelming. You likely do not understand the ins and outs as an experienced lawyer does. For more inquiries, visit their website or contact them today.

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