How Theme Dinners Can Keep It Interesting When Eating Out in Florence, SC

Many families spend time together by going out to eat dinner. This outing may include extended members of your family, not just the people in your household. It is common to visit your favorite restaurant, but you may want to break the routine. Read on to find out how theme dinners can keep them interesting when eating out.

Chicken Wings Night

If you are going out every week, then you may want to start doing theme nights. It will give you some variety and allow you to check out different restaurants. Chicken wings Florence, SC, is one of the meals to have for a theme night. They are popular and served as an appetizer or entree at many restaurants. Chicken wings in Florence, SC, also come in different flavors, from smoked BBQ to spicy.

Barbecue Ribs

Most people want to eat their favorite foods when planning to eat out. Barbecue ribs are favorite among many Americans. It is done a certain way, depending on the region. In South Carolina, barbecue is served with a vinegar-based sauce, a mustard sauce, or a heavy tomato sauce. Ribs are also a food that is easy to share with a crowd.


Brisket is another meat to add to your theme night. Many restaurants put a rub of spices on the meat and slow cook it for hours. It is served in a variety of ways by plate or on a sandwich. If you find a restaurant that serves good brisket, then you should keep them in steady rotation.

You should always make time to spend time with loved ones. Good food can make this time even more enjoyable. Contact Holt Brothers BBQ – Darlington at to plan for your next family dinner!

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