For that Million Dollar Smile Check Out Dr. Jay C. Adkins DDS

For many people, teeth come in two sets. The first comes in during the formative years while one is still a child and the second sets in during the adolescent years meaning that there are many years in between where your smile can be affected by gum problems, turning yellow and cavities. If this is the case for you, then it is probably best to pay Dr. Jay C. Adkins, DDS (a teeth whitening dentist) a visit.

Reasons for yellowing teeth

Some of the most popular reasons why your pearly whites are at risk of turning to a yellowish color include:

Drinking coffee or tea

Taking excessive red wine


Food coloring

Colorful fruit


Certain antibiotics

Excessive fluoride amounts while a kid

Tartar and oral plaque

Soda pop

While the reasons may seem a mouthful, they have certainly been proved beyond doubt to be the major causes of yellowing teeth therefore, likely to affect your smile. The good news is that the effects can be turned around by visiting professional teeth whitening dentists like Dr. Jay C. Adkins, DDS. The dentists are able to take care of any teeth issues in both adults and children.

Benefits of teeth whitening

Some of the reasons why you should consider teeth whitening are:

Whitened teeth have a tremendous effect of uplifting any one’s self-confidence.

White teeth provide you with that feeling of having a clean mouth.

With white teeth, attending wedding and anniversaries makes them all the more memorable as you are able to smile and laugh more.

With better looking teeth, everybody else will think the better of you.

It also helps you look more youthful.

It is also much more cost effective compared to getting procedures such as veneer and porcelain shields.

Your teeth will always remain natural since nothing artificial will be attached to your teeth.

Dr. Jay C. Adkins, DDS, is also best placed to offer you advice on the best methods for maintaining good oral hygiene. They also have a vast number of years experience to teach you how to do flossing, brushing and rinsing with a stellar quality mouthwash in an effort to reduce, or prevent the discoloration of your teeth.

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