Injured? It’s not always your fault!

Victims of Personal Injury Attorney Longview WA may often doubt whether they even need legal representation. As you nurse your injuries, be they from a car, truck, bike or motorcycle accident, you begin to question how, had you done things differently, you could have avoided the accident. Thoughts like those often occur in the immediate aftermath of a traumatising experience. However, you need to stop and take a step back before making any assumptions about fault.

Before you resign yourself to surrendering your lawful rights to appropriate compensation for the accident, you need to consider one other possibility: It may not be your fault at all! Under stress, it is possible for victims to overlook this point, and that’s where a seasoned Personal Injury Attorney can help accident victims in Longview WA.

Having an attorney that has negotiated, litigated or managed thousands of such cases over several decades, will give you the competitive advantage of their in-depth experience. They will be able to see all the loopholes that opposing counsel are likely to use to avoid shouldering the responsibility for your injury. And by preparing you for possible testimony in a court, if the case ever got that far, a seasoned attorney can make sure that the facts as you recount them triumph over any “spin” that the at fault defendant might offer.

Injured individuals trying to go it alone often find themselves overwhelmed by the complexities of the legal process to get just compensation. In desperation, they often give up their fight for justice. Insurance companies with deep pockets know this for a fact. That’s why they engage high-priced lawyers to overawe their victims. But someone has to be held accountable for an accident that is not your fault.

Having a personal injury attorney who practices accident injury law in Longview WA, and who has many years of dealing with insurance representatives, claims adjusters, the nursing home attorney and Medicare, will ensure you are not intimidated by the process. While you remain focused on recovery and recuperation, they will take it upon themselves to locate the at fault defendant and start negotiations on your behalf.

A dedicated and conscientious lawyer will ensure that, the victim, are fully sheltered from the constant badgering and intimidation that other victims, that decide to fight their own cases, have to endure. And the best part is they work on your behalf on a “Contingent” basis. That means you don’t advance them any fee, nor do you have to pay for their day-to-day expenditures. They are paid only if your case is successful and if you receive the settlement you are owed.

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