Four Great Scuba Diving Spots in Maui You Must Try When Visiting Hawaii

One of the best ways to spend a Hawaii vacation is to take a scuba diving adventure. You’ll be able to explore life under the sea while gaining a new appreciation for this Polynesian paradise. Here are four places to enjoy some of the best scuba diving in Maui. All of these are worth visiting.

Molokini Crater

This underwater crater located approximately 3.5 miles off the coast of Maui is believed to have formed roughly 230,000 ago and is one of the most remarkable features to see during a Hawaii scuba diving adventure. Colorful fish are often seen swimming around the crater and are more visible thanks to the crystal-clear water.

Taape Reef

Coral, sand and hardened lava make up this reef, which was named because of the blue-lined snapper fish that often swim near it. This reef was also a popular fishing site for Hawaiians who inhabited the region in ancient times.

Lanai Cathedrals

At a depth of 50 feet, the caverns here resemble majestic cathedrals that were carved by the hands of nature. The east wall on one of the caverns even looks like a colorful stained-glass window when light is shone on it. Dolphins, turtles and other fascinating sea creatures are known to swim around these caverns.


Just off the south coast of Maui is this dive spot where a sunken F6F Hellcat fighter aircraft sits. The plane was shot down during World War II and can be found on the ocean floor at a depth of 32 feet. The plane lies on its back, and the engine can be found approximately 20 yards away.

Enjoying the best scuba diving in Maui will be possible when you visit any of these locations. Spending time at the top dive spots will make your Hawaiian experience even more fulfilling.

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