Overseeding, Fertilizing and Performing Weed Control in Spokane to Improve a Residential Lawn

A thin lawn that has been significantly invaded by weeds requires effective attention to create a lush, green carpet of grass that is not infested with unwanted plant growth. Reseeding or overseeding of the property and applying the proper amount of fertilizer will help. Professional Weed Control in Spokane also can be provided to rid the property of these plants and prevent them from becoming established again.

Reasons for Problems

Areas of dead grass and bare spots detract from the aesthetics of a yard. Those flaws may have developed for a range of reasons, such as poor watering techniques, or dogs relieving themselves in certain spots again and again. Problems also can be caused when someone rakes up pine needles, leaves and other debris and then does not remove it. Without sunshine and oxygen, the grass dies off.


Timing is important for both Weed Control in Spokane and seeding of a thin lawn. Seeding should be done in fall, but it can be completed again at other times of the year too. When the lawn has lost its fullness, overseeding becomes a process instead of a one-time application. As weeds encroach from neighboring properties or into different parts of the lawn, precisely applied herbicide kills those plants and does not allow the chemicals to drift.


Before a contractor such as Spokane Pro-Care does this work, the customer should cut the lawn short, rake it and remove as much organic debris as possible. That will help the seed take hold and the fertilizer penetrate the soil. There, it will be effective at nourishing the roots of the existing grass and the new seedlings. After weeds have been drastically reduced or eliminated, new growth can be pulled by hand or targeted with a weed wand.


With these projects completed, the visual appearance of the lawn and the health of the grass is vastly improved. Grass should normally not be cut very short except just before seeding and fertilizing, as it needs the foliage to grow deep, strong roots. The technicians can provide more specific advice as to length depending on the grass species. Visit us online to get started with professional lawn care.

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