Four Signs a Vehicle Needs Engine Repair in Forest Lake MN

It’s practically unheard of for an automotive engine to break down suddenly without giving any warning far ahead of time. Vehicle owners should pay attention to signs that their automobile probably needs engine repair in Forest Lake MN. Having this work completed soon after symptoms develop is important to avoid getting stranded on the roadside.

The Check Engine Light

This light indicates some type of problem under the hood, ranging from very minor to very serious. The light may come on if the gas cap is loose or doesn’t fit properly, since the extra air getting into the system isn’t an ideal mix. In contrast, the light may turn on when a more extreme issue has occurred, such as a failing cylinder.

Automotive technicians with a garage providing engine repair in Forest Lake MN provide diagnostic services for these issues and explain what needs to be done. If the problem will be very expensive to fix, such as the need for major engine overhaul or replacement with a rebuilt motor, the vehicle owner has some decisions to make.

Uneven Engine Performance

When the engine seems to hesitate sometimes while traveling or is uneven when idling, the problem is commonly called “missing.” Technically, the motor is misfiring. The culprit often is worn spark plugs and wires, but more serious issues may be happening. Vacuum leaks, valve wear and tear, a dirty fuel filter, and faulty or dirty fuel injectors are examples.

Exhaust Symptoms

Blue exhaust indicates that the engine is burning oil. Dark or black exhaust also can be a sign of burning oil or the ignition of the excess gas. These initial problems can cause burned valves and malfunctioning gaskets. If the exhaust smells unusual, the exhaust stroke of the motor may be failing. The vehicle should be brought to a garage for evaluation.


Vehicle owners may be tempted to ignore a small bit of smoke that occurs whenever the car is driven for several miles. It could be oil burning off from a leaking gasket under the hood, or oil traveling the length of the car to the exhaust pipe and burning off there. This is a fire hazard and should be addressed promptly. Contact American Imports to get started.

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