How to Buy Bitcoin in Miami, Buy at an ATM Near You in Miami

Have you started to get into Bitcoin, or are you just now thinking about buying some of this cryptocurrency? It has become a very popular option over the course of the past several years. Today, you can find a nice and simple way to buy Bitcoin in Miami.

It Is Easy to Buy

There are special ATM machines from RockItCoin located in several locations around Miami, including at Pro Energy at 13705 Northwest 7th Ave., and Caraf Oil at 8700 Northwest 27th Ave. Several other ATMs where you can buy Bitcoin in Miami are located in the area, as well. It is a good idea to look up the one that is closest to you, and check to see the hours of operation. You will find that most of the machines are just like ATMs – kiosks that are available around the clock.

You will find that these ATMs work very similarly to any other type of ATM that you might use, except that you will be buying Bitcoin. You will want to set up a Bitcoin wallet first, such as a free wallet through the RockItCoin app for your smartphone. You can then set up the ATM with a PIN, which you will use when you access the machines.

Then, choose how much you want to buy, and where you want to send the Bitcoin, such as your digital wallet. Finally, you will add the amount of cash that you need to buy your Bitcoin, and you will then get your receipt.

It is easy to get acquainted and accustomed to the machines. If you want to buy Bitcoin in Miami, they are the fastest and easiest way to do it. The machines have quite a few advantages over some of the other options. Namely, they have never had any downtime, they have the most buy/sell machines, they have an ATM limit of $7,000, and they have stellar customer service.

What If You Need to Sell Bitcoin?

One of the great things about the RockItCoin ATMs in Miami and other parts of the country is that you can do more than just buy Bitcoin through them. It is also possible to sell Bitcoin if you need. You will find that selling is just as easy as buying.

If you have been waiting for an easy way to get into Bitcoin, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Visit us at for more details. Like us on our facebook page.

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