Four Tips To Remember When Hiring A Crane Service in St. Paul MN.

For many people in the Twin Cities in need of the service of a crane, the first thing they may do to get the process rolling is log onto to a favorite search engine and type in, “Crane Service St. Paul MN.”

One might say the results that come back are an embarrassment of riches. That is, St. Paul is a robust city with dozens of highly competent and reputable crane service providers. The problem is, how do you choose the best? And what kind of questions should you be asking when dealing with a crane service operation?

Here are some quick tips:


Establish the company has a good reputation. Word of mouth is actually a good way to do this. Ask others who have worked with the company and get their upfront opinion. You can also check with local consumer agencies and other entities that report on the efficacy of crane services.


Working with cranes can be dangerous business. Lifting heavy objects means that accidents sometimes happen. To protect your rights and property, make sure your crane service is covered by a reputable insurance provider.


The city of St. Paul and the state of Minnesota have highly specific permit requirements involving crane projects. Make sure your crane service is aware of and assures you they have the permit issue well covered.

Compare rates:

Most crane services charge by the hour. This will help you calculate your costs based on the scope of your project. Shopping around among highly-rated crane service companies can make a major difference in your budget.

As you can see, typing in “Crane Service St. Paul MN” to a search engine is just the first step in a multifaceted process. It pays in both dollars and quality of product to do your homework when seeking a crane service.

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