See How Your Teeth Will Look After Cosmetic Dental Procedures

When you aren’t happy about the appearance of your teeth, you should contact cosmetic dentistry Scottsdale Arizona experts for an evaluation of your smile. Today, there are modern ways to improve your teeth and gums with a variety of cosmetic procedures. First, visit a dentist to determine if your gums and teeth are healthy enough for cosmetic improvements. In many cases, a dentist can eliminate gingivitis and tooth decay while also creating a more attractive smile. A dentist can also use a computer software program to create images of how you will look after the cosmetic procedures are performed.

Have a Teeth-whitening Procedure

If you have metal fillings in your teeth, then a dentist can replace these with color-matching composite materials. This type of procedure will typically require only one office visit, but it can lead to a smile that looks natural. When the dental enamel on your teeth is stained from eating brightly colored foods or chewing tobacco, you should have a professional teeth-whitening procedure. In less than an hour, a dentist can apply the hydrogen peroxide solution to your teeth, and after water is injecting into your mouth, a chemical reaction will bubble away the ugly stains.

Eliminate the Gaps in Your Smile

One of the best things about cosmetic dentistry Scottsdale Arizona services is that you can have your missing teeth replaced to eliminate the gaps in your smile. A dentist can make a fixed dental bridge that will remain inside your mouth, and this appliance will have one or more full-size dental crowns. Alternatively, you may prefer having dental implants instead. These restorations are considered permanent, and the dentist will drill holes into your gums for the metal posts that will hold the customized dental crowns.

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