Frequently Asked Questions about Gutters in Auburn WA

Most homes in the Tacoma area have guttering systems. However, since no two houses are exactly the same, you may need slightly different gutters than your Auburn WA neighbors. It is important to maintain your gutters and here are some common questions about gutters with answers, to help you out.

Q. When should I clean my gutters?

A. When was the last time you cleaned or checked the guttering system? If it has been at least one year, you should take care of this as soon as possible. Your guttering specialists recommend annual cleaning and inspection.

Q. Why do I need to clean my gutters in Auburn WA?

A. When guttering gets dirty, the drain system may clog. This can cause water to run over the edges and down your house. Water next to a house seeps into the ground and gets around the foundation. Over time, it may crack concrete and weaken the house’s support. Fixing a cracked foundation is a time-consuming and expensive ordeal.

Q. Is there a way I can make guttering maintenance easier?

A. You can install a gutter guard system. It fits on top of the guttering and prevents leaves and debris from getting inside. The best gutter guards have perforated tops which let water in and keep debris out. Leaves and twigs stay on top, and the wind eventually blows them away.

Q. Where Can I Buy Gutter Guards?

Installing a protection system yourself is not easy, especially if you do not have the experience or equipment for the job. This is why many homeowners trust their gutters in Auburn WA to trusted contractors. They custom fit your gutter guards and guarantee them for many years. Talk to your gutter contractors soon about a free estimate for the job. They can help you with new gutters, repairs, and gutter guards.

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