What Exactly Is a Trigger Point?

Perhaps, you are asking the question; what exactly is a trigger point? A trigger point is a sensitive portion of a tight, bound-up muscle. These areas are tender to the touch and can cause pain when pressure is applied. Keep in mind that an entire tight muscle is not a trigger point, but rather the part or parts of the muscle most sensitive to touch. There can be more than just a few such points in one muscle. The sensitive spots happen when a part of a muscle is in a constant state of contraction. This can cause the area of a muscle to feel tight. In addition, the areas tend to cause a burning ache, as the muscular contraction makes it harder for blood to flow through a muscle. With extra tension it puts stress on surrounding joints and connective tissue.

How Does a Trigger Point Injection Work?

If you suffer from joint or muscle pain and are ready to be pain-free, you need to consult with healthcare professionals about their trigger point injections in Riverhead. A healthcare professional will discuss with you how the treatment of a trigger point injection works. The process of a trigger point injection involves a small needle being inserted into a trigger point. The injection contains saline or a local anesthetic and could consist of a corticosteroid. This injection makes the trigger point inactive and the pain is lessened. Every so often, a brief course of treatment can result in sustained relief. The injections typically only take a few minutes. If by chance you have an allergy to a particular drug, a dry-needle procedure which involves no medication can be used instead.

Trigger Points Can Happen for a Variety of Reasons

Trigger points can happen for a variety of reasons. One of the 2 most common reasons is as a protective effect. Tight musculature may be used by the brain to restrict ranges of motion in joints that can be compromised as a result of an old injury. The other reason for sensitive, tight muscles to exist is the result of muscle imbalances and postural deficits. For more information about trigger point injections in Riverhead, contact Total Medical Sports & Rehab by visiting their website.

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