Gay Male Parents May Make the Best Parents

Biology makes the creation of a child easy, unless, for obvious reasons, you happen to be a gay couple. Many gay male couples who desire a child have encountered much difficulty in doing so for a number of reasons. As a result, many have come to the conclusion that their best option is to use a surrogate mother, regardless of the cost to do so in California. Because of the difficulty gay couples encounter in conceiving a child together, many researchers surmise that children in same-sex families, particular gay families with two male parents, enjoy the best upbringing and are the most valued and loved simply because of the high degree of effort their fathers put forth to obtain them.

Unlike straight couples who usually can create a child together with very little difficulty, gay couples are obviously unable to produce a child together without going to great lengths to make the desired event take place. In such cases, gay couples must find a surrogate mother or adopt in order to add a child to their family. The expense and inconvenience of the processes gay couples undergo in order to procure a child together leads most social researchers to surmise that the children produced are seen and treated as highly valuable to their parents, quite possibly more so than the children produced in heterosexual relationships.

Homosexuality is more accepted in California today than it was 50 years ago. However, a great degree of discrimination and misinformation still abounds throughout the country. Gay men, in particular, encounter a strong degree of prejudice and mistrust due largely to strong religious beliefs or a lack of education about homosexuality. For example, many people associate homosexuality in males with pedophilia, despite the fact that there is no scientific proof that one is statistically associated with the other. Because this misinformation and prejudice exists on all levels of society, it is not surprising that gay men encounter so much difficulty when attempting to adopt a child. Many adoption agencies will not adopt children to gay male couples.

Despite the legal complications and the substantial surrogate mother cost in California, the most attractive option for many gay men who wish to start a family remains a surrogate mother.  While lesbian couples can utilize the services of a sperm bank to produce a child, gay men obviously do not have this option. As stated before, because misinformation and prejudice still exists, it is very difficult for gay male couples to adopt children. If desire and value of a child is measured solely on the amount of expense and effort parents are willing to put forth to obtain that child, then gay men who are willing to foot the surrogate mother cost in California far outweigh lesbian couples, single parents, and heterosexual couples.




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