Simple and Straightforward Steps to Weight Loss

A study came out a few years ago that explored the topics in magazines in circulation, categorized them, and identified the major themes that were covered in articles. Overwhelmingly, the number one topic being written about was weight loss. This is unsurprising, considering the sedentary lifestyle many Americans, including Clearwater, FL residents have in conjunction with poor diet and likely other factors such as depression and stress.

Weight loss is not easy, but it is unsurprising that so many people are desperate for a weight loss solution. In this culture, fat or overweight people are ridiculed. Many stereotypes are made about obese people; they are lazy or sloppy or dumb. None of these stereotypes are true, but they exist and are incredibly hurtful and damaging.

Stereotypes and prejudices aside, more than 64 percent of people in the United States are overweight, and obesity is linked to nearly half a million deaths per year. There are countless reasons why overweight people are concerned about their health and wish to make changes to lighten the medical strain that their weight has on their bodies. Weight loss is a more urgent need for people in warm climates than people in cold climates. In warm, humid climates like the climate of Clearwater, FL, obese people are even more uncomfortable with their bodies due to the extra weight and insulation that their frames are carrying around.

There are many solutions to weight loss that are available, and if you read or watch television or listen to the radio, chances are that you are bombarded with advertisements for quick fixes and purple pills proclaiming a solution to weight loss problems. Magic formulas and gimmicks aside, there are some common sense steps that anyone wishing to lose weight can take.

First, cut out junk food and soda. Both of these fake foods are packed with sugar and non-nutritious additives that will pack on the pounds. Second, drink tons of water. This will make you feel fuller and help clean out your system.  Third, reduce your portion sizes. Fourth, reduce the intake of carbohydrates and sugar and focus instead on healthy fats and meats and fish and vegetables. Carbohydrates create an insulin response in your body that causes weight gain. Fifth, exercise regularly. Keep your body moving and burning calories. Sixth, get plenty of sleep. Your body does not function properly on lack of sleep, and being deprived of it will result in your body’s hunger impulses misfiring and make you want to eat more often than you need to.

Weight Loss

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